Vehicle Upgrades to Improve Safety

Vehicle upgrades in Utah County

Vehicle upgrades can help you and your passengers stay safer on the road while, at the same time, increasing the comfort and convenience of your car.

Federal regulations will require vehicle manufacturers to include many of these safety features in future models. But, if you don’t currently have a backup camera system, onboard navigation or a touch-free car audio interface, consider making some or all of these safety upgrades to your vehicle.

Backup Camera Systems

Installing a backup camera system in your car helps you avoid accidents that can injure you (and others) and damage your vehicle. A rear-view camera will also help you avoid unthinkable incidents with kids and pets while in reverse.

You can also add front- and side-view cameras, lane departure sensors and collision avoidance systems. These and other safety-oriented vehicle upgrades can be easily installed in most cars, trucks and SUVs and, in most cases, these systems are surprisingly affordable.

Navigation Systems

Getting lost can jeopardize your safety, especially if you are in a remote location or anywhere that is unfamiliar to you. You can’t always rely on your phone’s GPS, as it depends on having a cell signal to function.

Having a navigation system installed in your vehicle will ensure that you always know where you are and how to reach your destination safely. Onboard navigation systems can also help if you are running low on gas and need to find the nearest service station or if you need to locate emergency services.

Touch-Free Car Audio Systems

Most states have passed laws that prohibit drivers from texting and driving – and those that haven’t are expected to do so in the coming months. Some areas don’t even allow you to have an electronic device in your hand while behind the wheel.

Smartphones are a known source of distracted driving, resulting in serious or even fatal crashes. It’s also easy to become distracted by your car audio system, especially if you have to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel.

Adding a voice-controlled car audio system will allow you to enjoy the full functionality of your technology without using your eyes or your hands. Depending on the system you choose, you can use your car audio system to make and receive calls, send and “read” text messages and select the audio or video content you want to access in your car.

The experts at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 understand how important it is for you to keep yourself and your passengers as safe as possible while in your car. Located in Provo UT, we are Utah County’s go-to experts in the installation of navigation, backup camera systems and car audio systems. Stop by and see us today or contact us to learn more about how we can make your car safer with aftermarket vehicle upgrades.