Top 3 Reasons to Add Window Tinting to Your Vehicle

Provo UT window tinting

If you’re considering adding window tinting to your car, pickup or SUV, you already know some of the benefits it provides.

Tint makes your ride look great and it helps control heat transfer into the vehicle during northern Utah’s brutal summer days. But this automotive upgrade offers other benefits that you may not have considered.

No. 1: Window Tinting Protects Your Vehicle

When you have to park outside during the day, your vehicle is at the mercy of harmful UV rays – no matter what time of year it may be.

Exposure to UV rays fades upholstery, dries out leather and vinyl surfaces and degrades fabric. You end up with faded upholstery, a cracked dashboard and the breakdown of other interior components.

When you have tint professionally installed, you can choose a film that provides maximum protection from the brutality of the sun’s rays. Your car will stay looking good longer and hold its value better than it otherwise would.

No. 2: Window Tinting Protects You & Your Passengers

Today’s high-tech tint film is designed to prevent the shattering or auto glass.

Although auto glass is designed for safety, windows break during an accident, posing a threat to the driver and passengers.

With professionally installed film, the glass may shatter but the pieces stay attached to the film rather than falling into the vehicle and potentially causing harm to the car’s occupants.

No. 3: Vehicle Window Tinting Improves Security

Tinting prevents others from being able to see into your vehicle easily. This improves both your privacy and security, and keeps your valuables less visible to potential thieves.

On the road, other motorists won’t be able to see inside as easily. This can increase your security and peace of mind if you or a loved one often drives alone or in remote locations.

Window Tinting Options

When you trust a professional automotive upgrade expert – like Pro Audio Pro 4×4 – you will have many options to choose from. You can choose the color and shade of your film, to best enhance your vehicle’s appearance. You can also select a metalized or ceramic type of film. These products enhance the benefits and effectiveness of your tint and many of our products include a lifetime warranty.

Professional installation is imperative, if you want the job to look good and last. Try the DIY route and you’ll end up with unsightly bubbles, waves and lose edges. In addition to degrading the appearance of your car, this won’t allow you to enjoy all the benefits that auto tint offers.

Pro Audio Pro 4×4 specializes in automotive upgrades of all types. We serve customers from throughout northern Utah from our Provo location. Contact us today to schedule an appointment – or drop by any time during our business hours – to learn more about the many benefits of adding window tinting to your vehicle.