The Value of Subwoofers in an Upgraded Car Audio System

value subwoofers car audio system

When we’re asked what tends to be the largest difference between a stock car audio system and a premium car audio system, our answer doesn’t waver: The bass. While there are several potential differences between the system that comes with your car and what can be installed on top of this, the lower notes play a particularly large role here.

At Pro Audio Pro 4×4, we’re proud to offer a variety of car audio installation services, including a wide range of subwoofers to provide you with the quality bass your upgraded audio system needs. Why are subwoofers important? Here’s a full rundown of the limitations of stock speakers with bass, plus the ways subwoofers upgrade this situation and bring you the full range of low notes your system requires.

Stock Speakers and Bass

For starters, as we noted, the stock stereo system that comes with your vehicle almost never has the proper bass requirements. This is mainly because car stereo components have to fit into small, compact spaces like doors and dashboards – this is okay for many speaker elements, but not when it comes to bass.

While higher frequencies will do just fine here, lower bass frequencies will be distorted by their cramped spaces. There isn’t enough space there to produce anything below around 80 Hertz, meaning a bunch of low base notes – most of the best, in fact – will be eliminated.

Space and Sound Waves

A subwoofer, however, does not come with these same limitations. Subs come with a specific speaker enclosure that’s meant to allow lower bass notes to resonate in ways they would not be able to within a smaller car door or dashboard space.

In addition, subwoofers provide what’s known as non-directional audio. This means they can be placed in the trunk or under a seat anywhere in the car, allowing for full sound regardless – again, another limitation of stock stereo systems that a sub helps you overcome.

Frequency Issues

Bass notes require more power coming from a speaker, so when a single speaker set tries to produce a variety of frequencies, it’s the bass that takes all the power – the rest of the system is weakened. Subwoofers, though, generally get their power from a separate amplifier, saving the remaining power and frequency for the rest of the sound.

Limiting Distortion

Finally, a car stereo system that’s properly hooked up to a subwoofer leads to virtually no distortion. No matter where you have the volume knob, high or low, there will be no quality or power issues to be found.

For more on the value of subwoofers within any upgraded car audio system, or to learn about our automotive security, lift kids or vehicle upgrades, speak to the staff at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 today.