Spray-In Bedliners Do More Than Just Protect Your Truck

Have you considered a spray-in bedliner for your truck? If not, we have lots of reasons you should.

You probably already know how well a liner can protect the bed of your beloved truck. But did you know these state-of-the-art protective coatings offer more than just a way to avoid paint scratches, dents and dings?

How Do Spray-In Bedliners Work?

To apply this type of liner, an experienced technician will carefully clean and dry the surfaces to be covered, then apply a high-tech polyurethane protective coating using a pressurized sprayer system.

The result is a material that is as tough as it is flexible. The spray cures quickly (within minutes), adhering to the underlying surface. Once the liner is fully cured, it will be ready to stand up to whatever wear and tear you can give it.

Spray-In vs. Drop-In Bedliners

Drop-in bedliners are prefabricated, typically using a plastic composite material. Installation involves little more than simply dropping the shell into place. You can remove them, but by virtue of this design, water and dirt can easily penetrate the gap between the shell and the truck bed, resulting in paint scratches and even rust.

Weather conditions and frequent use can cause drop-in shells to become warped or damaged relatively quickly. Finally, because of their design, these liners typically cannot protect your tailgate or top rails.

Unlike preformed, drop-in bedliners, spray-in materials form precisely to the surface on which they are applied. Nothing can get between the liner and your bed’s finish. Extremely durable, spray liners tend to last longer and stand up to years of harsh weather conditions and daily use.

The Bullet Liner Spray-In Bedliner

Bullet Liner is state-of-the-art technology for protecting the bed of your pickup, preventing damage, reducing noise and providing a nonslip, textured surface that protects you and your cargo.

With its advanced technology, the material won’t fade or deteriorate, no matter how you use and abuse your truck. And in addition to your truck’s bed, side rails and tailgate, you can add Bullet Liner to your wheel wells, frame, grilles, fender flairs, bumpers and even your tonneau cover. You could cover your entire vehicle with it, if you are so inclined.

If your truck is new, adding a Bullet Liner is the perfect way to preserve the value of your vehicle. If you’ve already done a little damage to your truck’s finish, a liner will make it look as good as new. With a lifetime guarantee, you’ll appreciate its benefits for as long as you own your vehicle.

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