Audio / Stereo Systems

Pro Audio carries a comprehensive line of dash kits, wire harnesses, antenna adapters, and data bus interface units, in order to facilitate the seamless and least intrusive installation in your valuable vehicle. Our skilled technicians appreciate what your automobile means to you and we go out of our way to make sure your pride and joy is treated with the utmost respect. You can count on Pro Audio to do more than “just make it work”.

Custom Installation

The primary reason for custom work is ‘making it happen’. Another reason is ‘making you smile’. That’s right, the fun stuff. Everything from simple LCD screens mounted in your headrests to unique amplifier mounting racks and specialized subwoofer enclosures.

CD Players

Years ago, your options were typically limited to a tape deck or a CD player. Today, you have a much larger media selection which includes, but is not limited to: HD radio, Sirius or XM satellite radio, CD, DVD, MP3, WMA, USB jump drives, and of course the every popular IPOD. To make matters even more complicated, most of these formats are most easily used with a GUI (graphical user interface), which means you’re going to need a good screen to view the file lists and track/station information. Now blend that with the modern navigation units and touch screen controls. Features, options, bells and whistles? Care to spend a week or two researching all the options of each model of each brand and making an intelligent, informed decision? No? Ok, Pro Audio can help you.


Pro Audio is all about the power. Amplifiers are the muscle of your audio system. Louder is better. No, no, don’t even try….. if you try to argue, we’ll just crank the ol’ volume knob up until you either agree, or return to the old folks home where talk radio is king.


Subwoofers are the stars of the show. Even after years of video components flooding the market, the number one question still being asked is, “WHAT IS IN YOUR TRUNK?” Pro Audio will give you a reason to brag. Now that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to clown your friends who got their gear somewhere else….but we understand.


This is what it all comes down to. The noise makers. Sized and shaped for specific vehicle applications. Kevlar, pulp, and composite cones, Butyl rubber and high density foam surrounds, titanium and silk dome tweeters, integrated or separate components, passive crossovers with air core inductors and Mylar capacitors….. yep, all the good stuff. Pro Audio will help you figure out what will fit your needs, car, and budget.