Safety Considerations for Remote Start Systems

Remote starter installation tips

Remote start systems add convenience and comfort to your vehicle, allowing you to let your car’s engine warm up and achieve a comfortable temperature before you get in.

But starting your engine remotely can pose a variety of safety risks if you aren’t careful. Using common sense and being aware of potential hazards will help keep you safe and allow you to get the most benefit from your remote starter.

Using a Remote Starter in the Garage

You probably realize that remotely starting your vehicle when it’s parked in a closed garage can pose a safety hazard, due to the potential buildup of carbon monoxide. Opening the garage door before using your remote starter is usually enough to dissipate the fumes.

However, you or someone else – a curious toddler, for instance – could inadvertently hit the starter with the door closed. Keep your remote out of the reach of little fingers and always be sure to check the garage door before you start your car remotely.

Preventing Vehicle Theft with a Remote Start System

An unoccupied, running vehicle represents an easy target for enterprising car thieves. Although most systems automatically lock the vehicle upon starting, many car door locks are easy to breach.

Again, common sense carries the day, if you want to keep your car from getting stolen. Being in reasonable proximity to your vehicle before starting it is best, especially if you can keep an eye on it as it warms up or cools down.

If you operate your remote system using a smartphone app, install app updates as soon as they become available. Also make sure to keep your phone’s operating system and antivirus software (if applicable) updated, to avoid problems with hackers.

Avoiding Run-Ins with Law Enforcement

In some states and municipalities, it is illegal for an unoccupied vehicle to have its engine running. It may also be against the law to leave a car idling for longer than a specified length of time – plus it wastes gas and it’s not great for the environment.

Check your local statutes to make sure you’re using your remote starter system legally and use common sense about how long you let your vehicle warm up before getting in and taking off.

Choosing a Remote Start System

Some of the most basic safety features to look for include automatic door locks and automatic shutoff. This ensures that your vehicle locks itself when you activate the starter and that, after a specified amount of time, the car shuts off if you don’t get in with the key or starter fob.

Not all starters are equipped with robust safety features so, when you go in search of the best remote car starter system, let a professional help you choose the one that’s best for you.

At Pro Audio Pro 4×4 in Provo, we only install systems that provide the safety and protection you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about adding a remote start system to your vehicle.