Remote Start Systems: Here’s Why You Need One

Remote start systems have become almost ubiquitous in northern Utah and it comes as no big surprise, considering the many benefits these systems offer. If you have considered installing one on your vehicle, now is the right time – before the bitter cold of winter sets in.

If you haven’t thought about installing an aftermarket remote starter on your vehicle, you should know more about the many exciting benefits this technology provides.


The Benefits of Adding a Remote Starter to Your Vehicle

The reason that most vehicle owners elect to install a remote car starter involves Mother Nature. Every Utahn has climbed into a freezing cold car in the winter and waited in misery for the heater to kick in. And, since our summers are almost as brutally hot as our winters are cold, you’ve probably also suffered in a stifling hot car, begging the AC to do its job.

A remote starter system lets you get your vehicle to the desired temp while you wait, comfortably, indoors. This is beneficial for anyone’s convenience but, if you have kids, older relatives or anyone else who is sensitive to temperature extremes, starting your vehicle remotely can be life-changing.

If you choose a system that has expanded capabilities, you can lock your vehicle from afar, check on the temperature, lock or unlock the doors, pop the trunk and more.

Even if your vehicle came from the factory with a remote start system, you may want to consider upgrading the technology. Most factory systems have a limited range and don’t include any of the bells and whistles that aftermarket systems can offer.


One-Way vs. Two-Way Remote Starter Systems

When installing a remote starter system, you have your choice of one-way or two-way communication technology. In a one-way system, your remote communicates with your vehicle. In a two-way system, your car also communicates with your remote.

A two-way system lets you know that your vehicle received your command and did – or did not – do what you requested. If you choose a system with an LCD display remote or one that works with your smartphone or tablet, you can obtain information such as the cabin temperature, whether your doors are locked, etc.


Choosing the Right Remote Start System for You

Choosing an aftermarket starter system can be confusing, especially considering the many new and exciting technological advances in aftermarket electronics available today. Some considerations include the range you need and the mechanics of how you operate the system.

Pro Audio Pro 4×4, your northern Utah car upgrades experts, can help you choose the best system to meet your needs and your budget. We can explain the options available and how they interface with your vehicle. We handle all aspects of your vehicle modification, to ensure a professional, reliable installation.


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