Help for Car Upholstery That’s Seen Better Days

March 1, 2019

The value of car reupholstery If your car upholstery is starting to look tired and worn, what can you do to bring it back to life? The wear and tear we put on our vehicles here in ...

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Custom 4×4 Modifications for Your New Truck

February 26, 2019

Custom 4x4 Modifications for Your New Truck | Pro Audio Pro 4x4 So, you got a new 4×4 and you can’t wait to get off the beaten path and romp around the breathtaking northern Utah backcountry. Four-wheel driv ...

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How to Avoid Having Your Car Stereo System Stolen

February 1, 2019

Preventing car stereo system theft Unfortunately, theft of car stereo systems, including after-market speakers, is a common problem in Utah. You can take some common-sense steps to avoi ...

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Car Audio Speakers: Understanding Power, Volume & Sensitivity

January 21, 2019

Understanding car audio speaker ratings Your car audio system requires multiple components, working in harmony, to produce the high-quality sound you enjoy on the road. The speakers are resp ...

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How to Choose a Car Audio Amplifier

January 10, 2019

Car audio amplifiers in Provo Choosing a car audio amplifier can be confusing and, if you aren’t careful, expensive. How can you make sure you get the amp you need without breaki ...

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A Backseat DVD Player Keeps Kids Entertained

December 21, 2018

audio stereo system If you have kids, a backseat DVD player is the not-so-secret secret to keeping them entertained on the road. For long car trips – or even for short ...

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Lift Kits & Utah – The Perfect Match

December 10, 2018

lift kits in Utah Lift kits are the perfect way to explore the beauty of the Utah landscape. With the extra ground clearance you’ll get, you can go places you’ve ne ...

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