Safety Considerations for Remote Start Systems

June 25, 2019

Remote starter installation tips Remote start systems add convenience and comfort to your vehicle, allowing you to let your car’s engine warm up and achieve a comfortable temperatur ...

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Why Do Car Audio Systems Need Amplifiers?

June 7, 2019

Car audio installer in Provo How important is an amplifier in the often-confusing world of car audio systems? Although you may believe that only high-end, thumpin’ car stereo sy ...

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Auto Upgrades for a Killer 6×6 Truck

May 28, 2019

6x6 SUV and truck auto upgrades in Provo UT You’ve probably heard the rumblings of late, as celebrities around the world jump on the 6×6 craze. Rappers, pro athletes (or their wives) and ...

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Car Audio, Video & Nav Gifts for Grads

May 3, 2019

Giving the gift of car audio to your grad If you have a friend or loved one who’s graduating this year, consider giving the gift of a car audio, video or navigation system. Whether your grad ...

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Adding Off-Road Lights to Your 4×4

April 30, 2019

adding off-road lights to your 4x4 Adding off-road lights to your 4×4 truck, Jeep or SUV is a highly effective way to improve your safety and visibility on the trail. It’s also t ...

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Binge-Watching on Your Car Video System

April 5, 2019

streaming on a car video and DVD system Did you know that you can binge-watch your favorite TV shows on your car video system? If you think your car video and DVD system is only for watching ...

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Adding a Bluetooth Audio Receiver to Your Car, Boat or RV

March 26, 2019

Installing a Bluetooth audio receiver in your vehicle Adding a Bluetooth audio receiver to your car audio system – or your boat, RV, trailer or ATV – is the best way to enjoy your music and preferred ...

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