Obtaining Proper Amplifiers and Subwoofers for a Car Audio System

proper amplifiers subwoofers car audio

If you’re considering a new or upgraded car audio system, chances are two of the elements you’re focused most closely on are amplifiers and subwoofers. Responsible for providing your sound quality and your power, respectively, these are two of the most well-known components of any modern vehicle sound system.

At Pro Audio Pro 4×4, our team has been assisting Utahns with creating their ideal audio and stereo systems for many years. Amps and subs are a huge part of what goes into your maximum volume, your speaker power and other important factors – here are some general tips on choosing the proper amplifiers and subwoofers for your next audio upgrade.

Amplifiers, Speakers and Channels

Amplifiers come in a wide variety of configurations, and one of the factors that goes into this is the number of channels you want in your system. This, in turn, depends on how many speakers you have present – you generally need one channel for each speaker you’re trying to amplify, though there are exceptions here, such as if you’re using a subwoofer that’s being added to an existing system.

There are two-, four- and even six-channel amp systems available depending on your needs. Some choose to use a two-channel amp for two subs or two speakers, but you could also use it for one of each. If you have rear full-range speakers you want to add some power to while you also add a sub, a four-channel amp could be a good choice. You can run each speaker into its own channel, then bridge the remaining channels to power the subwoofer.

Proper Power Levels

Many people choose their speakers before they get to their amp choice, and this is to ensure you don’t underpower the speakers. But this is also a good approach if you’re considering running a subwoofer from the same amp that’s powering your speakers – bridging two channels of a multi-channel amp might work here, but there are some situations where you’ll need more power. A separate mono amplifier is often in the cards here, but you can see why choosing the speakers first is a valuable move so you aren’t stuck looking for more power later.

Unit Compatibility

Finally, particularly if you’re building out a whole new audio system, we highly recommend buying a head unit with preamp outlets and an amplifier with line-level inputs. This creates an unamplified signal that’s broadcast to the amplifier itself, which in turn leads to the cleanest sound available. You’ll get much better sound here than you would with an internal amp, plus you won’t have to deal with adapters or annoying wiring.

For more tips on finding the proper amplifiers and subwoofers for your new vehicle audio system, or to learn about any of our car audio upgrades, video accessories or navigation systems, speak to the staff at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 today.