Lift Kits & Utah – The Perfect Match

lift kits in Utah

Lift kits are the perfect way to explore the beauty of the Utah landscape. With the extra ground clearance you’ll get, you can go places you’ve never been and enjoy the many opportunities off the beaten path.

Even if you aren’t an offroad enthusiast, adding a lift kit to your pickup truck or SUV lets you add bigger, beefier tires and obtain that bold, aggressive look you love. And, of course, lifting your vehicle provides a view from above, with maximum ride height.

Depending on your goals and your budget, you can choose between a body and suspension lift.

Body Lift Kits

A body lift uses spacers to raise your vehicle’s body above the suspension. A body lift allows you to switch to larger wheels and gives you the height and stance you want without the extra cost of a suspension kit.

What a body kit won’t do is increase your ground clearance or change the feel of your ride. In fact, a body kit won’t affect your suspension or shocks at all. In most cases, you can elevate your ride between one and three inches. This upgrade is quick, easy and affordable to install.

Suspension Lift Kits

A suspension lift, on the other hand, lifts both the vehicle body and frame. It increases ground clearance and it will change the factory feel of your vehicle’s performance. Choose this option if you want to raise your vehicle more than three inches – in fact, the sky’s the limit on how high you want to go with a suspension modification. You can also get improved handling results, based on the options you choose for your kit.

This option typically costs a bit more because it requires some degree of customization for most vehicles. However, when it’s done, you’ll have all the extra room you want for bigger tires – even if you want that “monster truck” look and feel.

Choose an Auto Upgrade Pro for Your Utah Lift Kit Installation

When you make the choice to add a body or suspension lift to your vehicle, take special care when selecting an installer. Choose the wrong installer and you could encounter a variety of expensive problems.

The auto upgrade experts at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 know lift kits. We have the knowledge and experience to complete the work quickly, affordably and professionally. We’re all offroad enthusiasts and we never offer our customers any upgrades we wouldn’t put on our own rights.

We only offer the finest lift kit options from Rough Country, Pro Comp, Fabtech, Teraflex and more. We will explain your options and help you make the best choice for your goals and your budget.

Contact our Provo, Utah, shop today to learn more, or to request a price for body and suspension lift kits.