In-Dash Navigation Systems: So Much More than Maps

in-dash navigation systems

Do you have an in-dash navigation system in your vehicle? Many new vehicles don’t include them, despite the many advantages this technology provides.

The flexibility, convenience and control of today’s in-dash navigation systems allow you to incorporate as many functions as you’d like, from streaming audio to device connectivity. Having an integrated GPS, entertainment and communication system is a great way to improve your and your family’s safety too, as it reduces the risk of distracted driving.

The Benefits of Having In-Dash Navigation & GPS

Even if you believe you know your way around the city, navigation systems can be invaluable.

Yes, you have a map app on your phone but what happens if you’re in an area without cell coverage? Even when you have no phone signal, your on-board GPS will get you through the situation with ease.

A navigation system can help you plan the best route to avoid traffic and road construction and point the way to the nearest gas station if you’re getting low on fuel. You can also improve your safety behind the wheel with a system that offers smartphone connectivity with voice-activated control.

Consider an Integrated GPS & Car Audio System

If you would rather have a fully integrated solution, you can choose a car audio head unit that has a navigation and GPS system in it. That way, you can play music, stream apps and use your devices through this interface. Some systems even integrate video capabilities, in addition to audio and GPS.

Other features that you may want to consider are how well the system plans routes and identifies points of interest. For example, if you’re in an unfamiliar location, can you ask the system to show you the nearest gas station, restaurant or hotel?

Finally, consider whether you want a system that also shows you traffic data in real time. This can be a life saver if you’re stuck in traffic and need a less congested route.

How to Choose a GPS & Navigation System for Your Vehicle

Once you decide on the features you want in your in-dash navigation system, you can start comparing your options.

Screen size is important, as being able to see the screen easily from the driver’s seat is critical to your safety. Screen resolution is also important for visibility, so look for a model that offers a high-resolution screen. If you want to add a back-up camera, be sure to check that the navigation module you choose can integrate that technology.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the space available in your vehicle for installing the equipment. If you have a small dash, your vehicle may not be able to accommodate a larger screen.

Take care to choose a professional installer because anything less than perfection in the installation process can ruin your vehicle’s appearance and potentially damage the dash.

Pro Audio Pro 4×4 specializes in car audio, video and navigation system installation. We handle every job, from the most basic of systems to fully custom installations. Call or drop by today and let us show you what you’re missing if you don’t have an in-dash navigation system in your vehicle.