Identifying Causes and Solutions for Vehicle Speaker Issues

causes solutions vehicle speaker issues

At Pro Audio Pro 4×4, there’s no vehicle audio question or concern we can’t assist you with. We have years of experience helping vehicle owners upgrade their audio systems in a variety of ways, whether it involves building a system from the ground up or improving existing elements of a system already in place.

One of the most common issues vehicle owners have when they come to us for advice on upgrades: Their speakers either aren’t working or are putting out distorted, low-quality sound. The typical desire here is to simply replace the speakers with new ones – while this is sometimes the proper solution to your issue, it’s not actually always the way to go. The proper move here will in reality depend on what’s causing the speaker issues to begin with; let’s go over some common culprits here and what they are telling you about your system’s needs.

Too Much Bass

One of the most common concerns here is a speaker system that’s not putting out the proper bass levels you desire. Many factor speakers in vehicles simply aren’t equipped to put out high bass frequencies, but a high percentage of owners of these vehicles try to compensate by simply cranking up the bass setting as much as possible. You aren’t actually improving your sound quality when you do this, however – you’re actually just shredding your speakers and making them even worse.

Rather than continue to bang your head against this metaphorical wall, consider subwoofer installation. If your high-bass music constantly makes the speakers sound like they have sand in them, this is a clear sign that the factory speakers can’t handle your bass needs and a sub is necessary.

Factory Amp Concerns

In other cases, you might notice that your speaker system is cutting in and out regularly, or has simply stopped working altogether. This is often due to an amplifier that has a bad channel somewhere within it, something we can test for in our shop to identify the channel causing the issue (if this is the problem, of course).

If we do find a bad channel in your amp, there are a couple choices here. We can either bypass the amp and replace the car stereo, or we can replace the factory amp itself. If your vehicle doesn’t have a factory amplifier in it, we can just replace the speaker that’s been blown out.

Sun-Related Deterioration

A rarer issue that can take place in vehicles with rear decklid speakers facing the back window is sun damage. Such speakers are only equipped with thin cones for protection, and the sun’s UV rays can wear these down over time. You’ll often notice a deteriorated sound coming from these speakers, as if nails are crawling across a chalkboard. Luckily, all this issue requires is a simple replacement of the rear decklid speakers.

For more on identifying the cause and solution for car speaker issues, or to learn about any of our vehicle audio, navigation systems or various video and other accessories, speak to the staff at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 today.