How to Choose a Car Audio Amplifier

Car audio amplifiers in Provo

Choosing a car audio amplifier can be confusing and, if you aren’t careful, expensive.

How can you make sure you get the amp you need without breaking the bank? The best way is to determine what your car stereo system goals are and then talk to an expert. At Pro Audio Pro 4×4 in Provo, our team of experts can help you choose the right amplifier for you, while ensuring you say within your budget.

Why Do You Need a Car Audio Amplifier?

The audio signal put out by your vehicle’s head unit is too weak on its own to make your car speakers produce sound. An amplifier boosts the power so that the signal comes through the speakers. Most factory car stereos have an amp built in, but it’s typically a weak one that does just enough to get the job done.

Not every vehicle owner needs a separate amplifier but, if you enjoy listening to music – or audiobooks, podcasts, sports, etc. – you want to clearly hear and enjoy your programming.

The bottom line is that, if you want great sound in your car, an amplifier is a necessary component. It will allow you to crank up the volume to a level you like without distortion. It also lets you get the most out of your car speakers.

What Type of Amplifier Should You Install in Your Vehicle?

The answer to this question is surprisingly complex. Amplifiers are classified according to their power ratings, based on how much power they put out per-channel. The higher the power rating, the more they amplify audio signals.

How much power you need depends on several factors, including the number and type of speakers you have and how loud you prefer to listen to your car audio system.

The right amp for you also depends on whether you’re adding an amp to your existing system or if you’re planning to also install a new head unit and new speakers.

Can You Add an Amplifier to Your Existing Car Audio System?

In many cases, you can add an amp to your existing car stereo system. You may want to do so if you have upgraded your speakers, or if you’re getting distortion when you turn up the volume on your system.

However, because amps are typically installed in a concealed location, the size and type of amp you can add will depend on your vehicle’s size, configuration and layout. That’s the second reason it’s important to consult a car audio expert.

In Provo, the Pro Audio Pro 4×4 team has the high-quality car audio components you need to create the system you need. Our installation team will ensure that your vehicle looks as good as it sounds, once the work is done. Stop by today to learn more about adding an amplifier to your car audio system.