Help for Car Upholstery That’s Seen Better Days

The value of car reupholstery

If your car upholstery is starting to look tired and worn, what can you do to bring it back to life?

The wear and tear we put on our vehicles here in northern Utah can take a toll on your car’s exterior but it’s even harder on the interior. High-tech materials and paint finishes are designed to stand up to years of abuse but, unfortunately, upholstery materials don’t always have the same durability.

You can put on seat covers or even try to have your upholstery cleaned and repaired. In many cases, however, having your vehicle reupholstered makes more sense.

Can Your Car’s Upholstery Be Cleaned & Repaired?

In some cases, you can have your vehicle’s interior surfaces cleaned and repaired.

Unfortunately, much like the carpeting in your house, interior fabric surfaces might only look good for a short time after having them shampooed and cleaned. Stains from road tar and other stubborn materials may never come clean, especially if your upholstery is lighter in color.

As for car upholstery repairs, the potential degree of success will depend on the nature of the damage. Car seat coverings, for example, are designed to be durable as long as they’re intact. Once you develop a rip or a hole, the integrity of the upholstery may become compromised. A repair might hold for a month or a year but, inevitably, the problem is likely to reappear.

If the damage goes beyond the fabric – into the foam or springs – repair typically ceases to be a cost-effective approach.

The Benefits of Having Your Car Reupholstered

Automotive upholstery repairs can be costly, depending on the extent of the damage. In many cases, it may be more cost-effective to have your upholstery replaced instead. This protects the value of your vehicle and definitely makes it more pleasurable to drive.

Having your vehicle reupholstered can also improve your comfort while driving or riding in the car. If your seat padding has broken down, or if springs are broken, you could develop back or neck problems – especially if you take road trips or drive extensively for work or pleasure.

Finally, the safety of you and your passengers may even be improved with professional vehicle reupholstery. A torn headliner can affect visibility, for example. And, if you get into an accident, broken down seats may not provide an adequate level of protection.

How Is Car Reupholstery Done?

When you have your vehicle professionally reupholstered, the technicians will remove the seats from the car. They remove the existing fabric and inspect the seats for damage. They may repair the metal infrastructure, replace springs and add foam batting as needed, before applying the new seat covering material of your choice.

This is the perfect time to add lumbar support, seat heaters and even automate your seat adjustment controls, if you so desire.

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