Custom Audio Upgrades for Motorcycles & Powersports Vehicles

Motorcycle stereo installation in Provo UT

For motorcycles, ATVs and other powersports vehicles, custom audio upgrades ensure that you get the high-quality sound you want. Upgrading your sound system also helps ensure durability in the most challenging of conditions.

Choosing the right components is the first step in customizing your sound system. However, the proper configuration and professional installation is the only way to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Motorcycle Speakers & Subwoofers

Motorcycles and powersports vehicles pose a unique challenge for anyone who wants great sound while on the move. Your speakers have to compete with engine noise as well as road noise. They will also be subject to potentially harsh conditions involving weather, rough terrain, dust, sand, etc.

You can customize your vehicle with speakers in your helmet, your handlebars, saddlebags or virtually anywhere else in or on your vehicle that makes sense. However, you can add as many high-quality speakers as you like but, unless they have sufficient power to produce sound, you won’t get the results you seek.

Powersports & Motorcycle Amplifiers

To get the most from your custom motorcycle speakers, you’ll likely need to add an amplifier to your audio system.

The challenge with adding an amp to a bike, ATV or other powersports vehicle is twofold: power and space. A variety of manufacturers produce specialty amps that are sized and shaped specifically for installing in limited space. The key is selecting an amplifier that can maximize your sound. The larger, more powerful the amp, however, the more power it will require. Making sure your vehicle has sufficient power to run your system will ensure you get the results you want without causing dead battery issues or power-related harm to your components.

Finally, if you plan to also add a subwoofer to your system, you will potentially need a second amp and an auxiliary battery to provide power for it. Depending on the size and configuration of your vehicle, this could require customization.

Finding a Custom Motorcycle Audio Specialist

Upgrading the audio system for your motorcycle or off-road vehicle is rarely a DIY endeavor. But, when you venture into the realm of custom upgrades, you need the assistance of an audio installation expert.

At Pro Audio Pro 4×4, we are true custom automotive upgrade experts. We are known for our award-winning custom audio installations and we can truly handle any upgrades you can imagine.

Visit our state-of-the-art Provo, Utah shop to browse the thousands of audio components and performance upgrade options. One of our friendly, helpful team members can assist you in designing the perfect custom audio upgrade for your motorcycle or powersports vehicle.