Custom 4×4 Modifications for Your New Truck

Custom 4x4 Modifications for Your New Truck | Pro Audio Pro 4x4

So, you got a new 4×4 and you can’t wait to get off the beaten path and romp around the breathtaking northern Utah backcountry.

Four-wheel drive trucks are designed to handle conditions that the typical two-wheel drive vehicle cannot. However, when they roll off the production line, few 4×4 trucks are truly ready for what our Utah terrain has in store for them.

Fortunately, you have lots of options for customizing your new 4×4. The right aftermarket 4×4 modifications depend on what you want to do with your truck and how much you want to spend.

Aftermarket 4×4 Upgrades for the Off-Roading Newbie

If your plans don’t include spending too much time charting new territory, your new 4×4 may have almost everything you need for those Sunday afternoon treks off-road.

The best investment you can make is in a set of good wheels and tires. Your new vehicle may have come with fairly decent tires but, to be safe, visit your local off-roading expert and ask for a recommendation.

If you do plan to be out at night, you might also consider high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights or an LED lightbar.

Custom Modifications for the Mildly Adventurous 4×4 Owner

If you’re ready for some more adventurous outings, you may want to make a few more custom modifications to your new 4×4, for both comfort and safety.

In addition to upgrading wheels and tires and adding lights that will provide higher visibility, you may want to put a lift kit on to improve ground clearance. This will also allow you to increase the size of your tires and wheels a bit.

You may also want to consider adding a skid plate to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage. This will help ensure you don’t get stuck somewhere and help protect the value of your truck.

Custom 4×4 Modifications for the Adrenaline Junkies

If you’re going to go all in when you go off-road, you have to step up your modifications. Choose mods that will keep you safe and that will protect the integrity and the value of your new truck.

You’ll want a lift kit and upgraded shocks. You’ll want larger wheels and tires, potentially resulting in the need for fender modification and new fender flares.

Off-road bumpers and brush guards are important for protecting your vehicle, as are rocker panels and sill covers. You’ll want a skid plate too, to protect your truck’s undercarriage.

Finally, consider upgrading your air intake and exhaust systems to boost your truck’s torque and power. These mods will also ensure that deep, beefy sound that tells the world you’re rocking serious power.

Whatever aftermarket modifications you need, trust the 4×4 experts at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 in Provo. We have all the brands you demand and the experience you need to get your new vehicle ready for your off-road adventures. Contact us today to discuss your custom 4×4 modifications.