Choosing Components for Your New Car Audio System

Provo UT car audio system installation

Today’s advanced technology gives us so many options for car audio system components that it can be hard to choose. It can also be confusing, especially if you haven’t been keeping up with state-of-the-art car stereo technology.

If you break it down into the most basic components, you need to consider three distinct elements when putting together your ideal car stereo system: a head unit, an amplifier, and speakers.

You can always add other components and accessories too, depending on your goals and your budget. But, once you get the basics handled, the rest is easy – as long as you trust a car audio expert to handle the installation.

Selecting a Car Audio Head Unit

The head unit is the interface and “brain” of your car stereo system, typically installed in the dash of your vehicle. Once upon a time, we called this component a car radio. Over time, it became an 8-track tape player, cassette player and, more recently, a CD player.

Today, most head units still allow you to play terrestrial radio but also to stream satellite content and content from your own electronic devices.

Most models use a touch screen interface allowing you to control all the audio functions, connect with Bluetooth, etc. It can also provide GPS and serve as the visual interface for your backup camera system.

Choosing an Amplifier for Your Car Audio System

Head units, at least in most cases, don’t have the capacity to power upgraded car speakers. To accomplish this task, you likely need to add an amplifier to your system.

The right amp for your system will depend on the type of head unit you select, the type of speakers you choose and what you want to get from your system. If you want to play music or stream content at anything beyond a very modest volume, you need an amp that can provide adequate power.

Likewise, if you choose high-end speakers or you want to enjoy high-fidelity sound, you need an amp that can help you achieve those goals – especially if you plan to add a subwoofer.

Selecting Your Car Stereo Speakers

Speakers are the key to delivering great sound in your vehicle. You can choose component speakers – different speaker sets for delivering bass, treble and mid-range – or you can select all-purpose coaxial speakers.

The right speakers for your application will depend on your budget and your goals. But you must also consider the way your car, truck or SUV is configured. The location of your speakers is almost as important to great sound as the type of speakers you select.

In Provo, Pro Audio Pro 4×4 assists customers with all their car audio, video, navigation, GPS and security needs. We can help you design the perfect sound system for your vehicle and provide expert installation, including custom installations. Contact us or stop by today and let us help you get started on the perfect car audio system for you.