Car Stereo Speakers: Are Coaxial or Component Speakers Better?

car stereo speakers coaxial component

Car stereo and audio systems have three primary components: a head unit, an amplifier and speakers.

Although an amplifier is not always a requirement in every system, you won’t get sound in your car without a source (the head unit) and speakers through which to play the sound.

When you design your car audio system, you can choose between coaxial speakers and components. So which type is right for you? The answer depends on several factors, the most important of which are your goals and objectives.

What Are Coaxial Speakers?

Coaxial speakers, also known as full-range speakers, are the most common types of speakers used in car audio systems. These devices contain both a woofer and tweeter.

These are fairly simple and straightforward to install and they can often be placed without having to modify the interior of the vehicle. They don’t, however, lend themselves easily to customization and the sound may not have the same level of quality and fidelity as component speakers.

What Are Component Speakers?

Component speakers, much like home stereo surround sound systems, split the sound into different pieces. Components can be configured using an equalizer and positioned to achieve very specific car audio goals.

Components take longer to install than coaxial designs, however, and typically left to car audio professionals. They are ideal for truly customized system designs and, in the hands of a professional installer, they can create a mind-blowing level of fidelity and high-quality sound in your vehicle.

If you’re all about the bass, you could choose to add a subwoofer component with coaxial speakers or other components.

Choosing Your Car Stereo Speakers

To select the optimal car audio components, consider your goals and your budget. If you want good sound quality at a lower cost, you can select coaxial speakers for your system. If you are an audiophile who wants maximum fidelity, you may want to go with components instead.

In many cases, you can choose higher end coax speakers without having to pay for customization, potentially offering the ideal compromise for many customers.

The best way to determine what’s right for you is to consult a car audio expert, like the professionals at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 in Provo. We are northern Utah’s car audio experts, specializing in everything from basic installations to fully customized systems.

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