Car Audio, Video & Nav Gifts for Grads

Giving the gift of car audio to your grad

If you have a friend or loved one who’s graduating this year, consider giving the gift of a car audio, video or navigation system.

Whether your grad is finishing up high school, college or vocational school, they’re probably a little short on funds. And that means they will be especially appreciative of a gift they can’t give themselves just yet.

At Pro Audio Pro 4×4, we help customers throughout the Salt Lake City area give thoughtful, affordable gifts of car stereo systems, navigation, video displays, car alarms and other auto upgrades.

Car Audio Gifts

Car audio systems and components are popular gifts for any occasion. For recent grads, who may not be inclined or able to invest in a car audio system themselves, the gift of full, rich sound in their vehicle is thoughtful as well as practical.

A new head unit compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is the in-demand car stereo gift. You can find some excellent options that are compatible with one or both of these subscription services at a surprisingly low cost.

Grads are all about the connectivity, so anything that will allow them to connect their device to their vehicle via Bluetooth will be a hit. Or, if you simply want to improve the listening experience, consider gifting them a new set of car stereo speakers this spring.

Video & DVD Systems

Does your grad enjoy road trips? Or may he or she has plans to grow their family over the next few years. Either way, a gift of car video screens and maybe even a DVD player will be a big hit.

Drop-down video screens offer the ultimate in in-car video luxury with a full range of functions, including individual headphone capability. Headrest video screens have a sleeker look but, if the front passenger wants to enjoy the over-the-road programming, consider also adding a drop-down screen at that location.

Navigation Systems

The safety of your loved one is paramount in your mind, so why not consider giving the gift of a navigation system?

Not only will a built-in navigation system insure that your grad always gets where they want to go, but it can also help the find the nearest gas station when the tank runs low or the closest restaurant when lunch time rolls around.

If you want to keep your loved one even more safe, consider integrating a back-up camera system with the navigation system, adding a car security system or remote start capability.

In Provo, Pro Audio Pro 4×4 has all the best car audio, video and navigation systems. We have options to fit every budget so, whether you’re looking for an upgrade in your own vehicle or you want to give your graduate a gift they’ll always remember, call or stop by today and talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members.