Car Audio and Other Road Trip Upgrades to Consider, Part 2

car audio road trip upgrades

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the car audio and other upgrades you might consider before taking your vehicle on a road trip. Ensuring your car or truck is outfitted with the best entertainment and other upgrades ahead of such a trip is important for not only passing the time, but also for safety.

At Pro Audio Pro 4×4, we offer a number of vehicle upgrades that are perfect for road trips, from navigation systems and car audio systems to car video systems and in-dash touchscreen video options. In today’s part two, we’ll look at a few additional such products that you might consider before heading out on a lengthy road trip.

Video System

Especially if you have children coming along on the trip, but even if you don’t, one great entertainment upgrade that’s perfect for extended drives is a video system. Technology for these systems has advanced a ton in recent years, allowing us to bring you a video system that fits any budget – we have smaller in-dash receivers if you don’t want to spend much, or entire units with touchscreen options and completely integrated solutions for those who want to go the extra mile.

In fact, you can even integrate smartphones, tablets and other devices into your video system. You can also control such systems through hands-free options like Siri or others, allowing you to monitor what the kids are watching without taking your eyes off the road.

Navigation System

Despite the technology being readily available, many vehicle manufacturers still surprisingly roll out new options that do not have GPS options included. And while many choose to rely on their smartphones instead, know that certain locations – particularly remote ones you might cross during a road trip – do not have signal and may not work properly here.

For this reason, an upgrade to a fully integrated GPS system in your car or truck is a great move before a road trip. These products come with on-screen and voice interaction, plus audio directions for specific locations as needed. You can re-route your trip if you want to avoid a certain area, plus receive real-time traffic updates to help plan your route and arrive on time.

Safety Upgrades

Finally, you never know the kinds of hazards or risks you might run into on a long road trip, so it’s important to ensure your vehicle has all the proper safety features and is upgraded in these areas. Consider rotating or changing your tires if this hasn’t been done in a while, for instance, and check your headlights to ensure they’re all working and providing bright light.

For more on how to upgrade your vehicle ahead of a road trip, or to learn about any of our car audio upgrades or any other 4×4 services, speak to the staff at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 today.