Avoiding Warranty Voiding Risks With Vehicle Upgrades

avoiding warranty voiding vehicle upgrades

For many who have a vehicle on the newer end, whether it’s been purchased or leased, a warranty with a manufacturer or dealer will be part of the deal. In these cases, those under warranty will obviously want to take the proper steps to ensure they do not void this warranty, and remain under its protection for as long as possible.

At Pro Audio Pro 4×4, we’re regularly asked about warranties when providing a variety of our services, from car audio installation to lift kits, navigation systems and various other aftermarket vehicle upgrades we offer. Many wonder whether such installations risk voiding a warranty, or whether there are specific areas they should avoid here to limit such risks. Today’s blog will go over everything you need to know in this area, including how we work with clients to ensure any warranties on their vehicles are not voided during our services.

Warranty Basics

As anyone who has dealt with a warranty is likely aware, this is a guarantee from a manufacturer or dealer that allows you to return or repair the vehicle or parts of the vehicle within a specified period of time. If the car or its covered parts are found to be faulty during this period, repairs will generally be completely covered.

Now, there’s one major qualifier to be aware of: The issue must be the fault of the manufacturer or dealer, and not something the customer themselves is responsible for. If you are driving while distracted and damage a vehicle under warranty, for instance, repairs generally will not be covered.

Aftermarket Parts and Warranty Voiding

So will various aftermarket parts, including speaker systems, void a car warranty? The answer depends on whether damage takes place to the vehicle. Luckily, most such installations do not require actually damaging any part of the vehicle – rather, they involve improving it.

Partial Voiding

In certain cases, there might be a partial voiding of a warranty when only certain parts or sections of a vehicle are damaged or changed. This may take place for certain audio installations, though the majority of such products today do not require any actual damage to the existing stereo. When installed by professionals like ours, the chances of accidental damage are virtually nil.

Check the Fine Print

Even when working with our experienced professionals, we highly recommend checking your warranty’s fine print before you move forward with any aftermarket vehicle upgrades. Most warranties are relatively similar, but you never know if there’s a clause or section of yours that changes things for you and makes installing certain parts a risk you may not want to take.

For more on potential warranty concerns with aftermarket vehicle parts like stereo systems, or to learn about any of our car stereo or other vehicle upgrades, speak to the staff at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 today.