Adding an Aftermarket Backup Camera to Your Vehicle

Backup camera installation in Provo UT

In the future, backup camera systems will be installed in every vehicle sold in the U.S. However, millions of vehicle owners today do not benefit from the safety and convenience that these systems provide.

Just because your vehicle didn’t include a factory-installed rearview camera system doesn’t mean you can’t adopt this affordable and beneficial technology in your vehicle. An experienced automotive upgrade expert – like the professional team at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 – can design and install a backup camera system seamlessly and affordably.

Options for Mounting Your Aftermarket Backup Camera

Factory rearview camera systems come in a variety of configurations, as do aftermarket systems, depending on the design of the vehicle. For example, pickup trucks often have cameras installed in the tailgate itself. Other vehicles utilize trunk or bumper-mounted cameras.

For aftermarket systems, you can choose to have your cameras mounted underneath your bumper, using specialty bracket mounts. You can choose license plate frames equipped to hold backup cameras or, in some cases, your vehicle may already have designated locations that are designed for this purpose.

The type of mounting option you choose will affect the cost of your equipment as well as the installation. Keep in mind, however, that a professional installer will ensure that your system looks as good as it performs.

Display Options for Rearview Cameras in Cars, Trucks & SUVs

If you already have a video display unit mounted in your vehicle’s dash, you can likely wire your cameras directly into the existing equipment. If not, you can choose from a variety of replacement display units that mesh seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior.

If you don’t already have a display unit in your dash, a professional car audio installer can design and install a system that looks like it belongs.

Other options include replacing your rearview mirror with a model that doubles as a video display for this purpose. You can also mount a video display holder on your dash, much like the ones used to mount smartphones and standalone GPS systems. Although this isn’t the ideal solution as aesthetics go, it does offer a cost-effective alternative.

Finding the Best Utah Backup Camera Installation Professionals

Because an aftermarket safety camera system potentially requires drilling holes in your vehicle, replacing your in-dash display unit and running complex wiring configurations, this is not something you want to try installing yourself. Instead, choose a locally owned and operated aftermarket vehicle upgrade expert.

When you trust the expert team at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 in Provo, we will take the time to understand your goals and objectives. Based on the type of vehicle you have, we recommend the best equipment and installation options for your aftermarket upgrades. We are experts in the installation of all types of car audio, security and performance upgrades. We will design and install a system that fits your needs as well as your budget.

Contact us or stop by today for a personalized consultation and price quote for installing your aftermarket backup camera system.