A Backseat DVD Player Keeps Kids Entertained

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If you have kids, a backseat DVD player is the not-so-secret secret to keeping them entertained on the road.

For long car trips – or even for short jaunts across town – an onboard video player system keeps passengers entertained and allows the driver to focus on the road. This helps ensure the safety of everyone in the vehicle, especially if the Utah weather is providing its own set of distractions.

You have a variety of options for adding an aftermarket backseat DVD player to your car, pickup or SUV. The car audio and video experts at Pro Audio Pro 4×4 have the expertise and high-quality equipment options you seek.

Overhead DVD Players

The ultimate backseat babysitter, overhead video player systems drop down from above when you want to watch a DVD. They can also be configured to stream online content from your devices or even play video games.

When not in use, the screens fold flush to the roof of the vehicle, out of the way and unobtrusive. You can choose the number of screens you want in your vehicle and, if you prefer not to have to hear the audio, you can add headphones at each station.

Headrest DVD Players

If you prefer not to add overhead video displays, you have the option of adding headrest-mounted DVD screens.

The Pro Audio team can retrofit your existing headrests with display screens. Or, if you prefer, we can custom fabricate replacement headrests that match your car’s factory interior. This allows us to install larger DVD players and screens that have a professional, integrated appearance that enhances the look and value of your vehicle.

The best part about headrest DVD players is that each passenger can choose and control their own content.

Adding a DVD Player for the Front of Your Vehicle

If you’d like to play DVDs in the front of your vehicle, that’s also an option.

If you have a video display in your car, the Pro Audio Pro 4×4 team may be able to convert it in a way that allows you to play movies up front. You have your choice of viewing the same content as the rest of the vehicle or, if you prefer, you can have a dedicated DVD player in the dash.

If you don’t have a display currently, we can add one for you. And, while you’re at it, consider adding a GPS navigation system and backup cameras to your vehicle. It’s affordable and easy to do at the same time as installing a DVD player and video display system.

Pro Audio Pro 4×4 is located in Provo, Utah. We provide high-quality auto upgrades for customers throughout northern Utah, including car audio and video, automotive security and remote starter systems. Contact us today for a customized price quote for adding a backseat DVD player to your vehicle.